The Hashishin project

Hashishins practicing
Hashishin dueling. Yes that is a miniature human there. He’s a Brownie

Hashishin comp2
Genie lamp v2

teaser _2

The Old One, Artwork by Mark W. Slater / NLS copyright 2015

From Natural Line Studio.

In collusion with George P. Thibault and Brian R. Reynolds.

The name “Assassin” is often said to derive from the Arabic word Hashishin or “users of hashish“,[2] a misnomer thought to have been derogatory and used by their adversaries during the Middle Ages.

Or is it all just a lie to throw you off the true path.

Follow a ragged band of fighters, mercenaries and protectors to find out what they already know and it is not that the genie in the lamp doesn’t always give you what you wished for.

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Sultan Abdullah Al Raffiki

Sultan Abdula crop

Sherif profile pic3

Sherif,, Pencils by George P. Thibault, Inks by Mark W. Slater


Thysst; pronounced Theyesst

Thysst profile pic 1

Thysst, Pencils by George P. Thibault, Inks by Mark W. Slater

The carpet (pronounced the old one)

the old one profile pic

The Old One Artwork by Mark W. Slate